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Are you interested in becoming a Boost Mobile, GenMobile, or Xfinity Prepaid Retailer?

Boost Mobile, GenMobile, and Xfinity Prepaid are looking for energetic retailers to join our team.

We listen to what customers want in a prepaid wireless carrier, and we offer premium products and services a cut above the others. No annual contracts and unlimited plans starting at just $35 a month are among the values that make Boost stand out.

Our brand is growing – we now offer phones from flip to 5G, including iPhone. We want you to grow with us. Contact us for more information.

About Direct Distribution Partners

We utilize the best distribution partners called "Direct Distribution Partners." They have the responsibility to ensure all parties involved in the distribution of and sale of Boost Mobile products and services use their best efforts to promote and maximize sales of product while upholding the integrity of the brands.

Direct Distribution Partners provide local market representation, help facilitate inventory management, provide operational training and support, verification systems and reporting, advertising/marketing solutions, and owner planning meetings to give you options to decide what is best for your business.

Why join the Select Retailer Program?

  • No franchise agreement and no fees. Being a select retailer gives a multi-store owner the opportunity to make a six-figure income.
  • Receive a fast return on investment with your low-cost initial investment.
  • Earn competitive compensation through activating new customers, in-store and credit/debit card customer payment, accessory sales and residual income from new customers you sign up.
  • Sell select newly released devices weeks before other dealers. You can also be the first in line to have inventory set aside for your store location.
  • Have access to high-quality fixtures and signage, demo devices and brand-approved promotional materials to give your store a best-in-class experience.


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