iPhone 6s BOGO Promotion

24th Jan 2019

Boost Mobile Family Plan – Buy One Get One (BOGO) Promotion on the iPhone 6sEffective

1/29/19 - 3/4/19

SPG Authorized Retailers can offer customers a iPhone 6s “Buy One” handset for $25 with New Port-in ($199.99 for New non-port) and get second “Get One” iPhone 6s for $25 (New non-port or Port-in) when a customer activates them both on any Unlimited Gigs Family Plan.

Promotion Details

  • Includes all Indirect Retail locations.
  • The BOGO promotion is only eligible on:
    • $50 Unlimited Gigs Plan
    • $60 Unlimited Plus Plan
    • $80 Ultimate Unlimited Plan
    • 3 For $100 Boost Mobile Family Plan
    • 4 For $100 Boost Mobile Family Plan
    • 4 For $120 Boost Mobile Family Plan
  • Not eligible for his promotion:
    • $35 Plan
    • Upgrades
  • Maximum of two BOGO promotions per family (same family, 4 lines).
  • It's recommended that all transactions on the same device (no mix and match of BOGO promotions) within the same day.
    • If BOGO Promotions are combined, we will pay the lowest BOGO promotional reimbursement based on the transaction that day. Be advised that the “get ones” will be reimbursed based on the lowest Promotional price.
  • To process the BOGO in Elevate, this is a manually applied (Dealer selected) coupon.

Pricing breakdown as follows

Sorting requirements

  • Eligible devices must be sorted by the NEW activation type for every transaction.
  • When NEW activation promotion price is the same, port-ins will be sorted first and new non port-in last.

Promotional materialWe will notify you via the Sales Portal once the promotional material assets are available.

All Boost Mobile Family Plan BOGO on iPhone 6s Promotion materials must be removed by close of business 3/4/19. If you have questions please reach out to your Account Manager.

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